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Jeff, Travis, and Dolly by their camper-trailer (summer home, temporary).

They rent this home during the cold months: Shorefront property!!

taken with cell phone camera from deck
of Dolly's shore home. The peak left-of-center is Mt. Redoubt, one of three volcanoes along that ridge.

Sonia, their wonderful dog, and one of Sonia's "persons," Jeff

Dolly and Travis, walking on their two-acre property. They will be building a cabin there ASAP.

That's my family!!!

Suzi, Dolly, Travis, and some old guy holding a fish!

Travis and Jeff, and that same old guy

Travis, practicing climbing skills

Travis reads about
The Life Cycle of Salmon

The famous Kenai River - world-famous for its fishing. This was prime Sockeye Salmon season - the salmon are coming back to their 'birth' river to spawn (then they will die - they live about five years in the open seas).

No bait is used - - Salmon do not eat while returning to spawn. A special "motion" is used to cast the line in to hook the salmon. Sockeye are the 'filet mignon' of the four kinds of salmon.

mama moose spotted right alongside the road, about five miles from Dolly's home . . . she had two babies. Not knowing at that time that I should be more careful of moose than even grisly bears, I got out of the car and walked to within ten feet of them. Lucky for me, they were more interested in eating the grass!

this is one of those babies

I call this Rock Beach (for obvious reason).

a bee feast

Dolly warned me that Sonia would destroy the toy I bought for her . . . I just did not know that she would do it in five minutes!!!

Sonia is exhausted after her mayhem

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