Alaska - Potter Marsh
Denali Kenai Fjords Eagle &
Potter Marsh
Scenic Hwy,

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As sign (right picture) explains, the construction of the Alaska Railroad led to the unintentional creation of Anchorage's most popular wildlife haven.

Potter Marsh

Large and long boardwalks for viewing scenery and wildlife

A native Alaskan gives Melissa some
samples of his artwork



Bull moose sighting less than one hour after arriving in Alaska

juvenile gulls ??

Canada Geese

Canada Geese obviously love this place

Bar-tailed Godwit (??)





Suzi and Melissa

serious photography going on!!

This eagle was not at Potter Marsh; it was atop this tree alongside a road in Kenai. I saw several Bald Eagles when in Alaska, but this was the only one close enough to get some nice pics. I'll never tire of seeing these magnificent birds.

Bald Eagle facts

. . . Next stop - Kenai city and town of Talkeetna

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